Julie Sugita, DDS MS CLPF
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary
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Julie Sugita, DDS MS CLPF    California Licensed Professional Fiduciary      PO Box 1268   Alpine CA   91903    619.980.6416
Julie Sugita, DDS MS CLPF    California Licensed Professional Fiduciary      PO Box 1268   Alpine CA   91903    619.980.6416
  • Provide experienced compassionately objective healthcare advocacy through Agent under Durable Power of Attorney/Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Consult with primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare professionals to address your particular care needs
  • Personally escort you to medical and dental appointments to provide oversight, assistance and objectivity
  • Maximize your independence and self-reliance through care coordination and monitoring
  • Help coordinate your appointments and schedules
  • Provide daily money management and bill paying services
  • Act as liason to caregivers, family members and financial, legal and medical advisors
  • Assess your individual care and personal needs and help develop a plan of care tailored for you
  • Address and respect your end-of-life care choices and help complete your personal legacy 
  • Coordinate transportation, shopping, and other personal needs 
  • Perform financial oversight though personalized timely bill paying and checking/savings account reconciliation under Durable Power of Attorney for Finance
  • Fulfill Trustee or Successor Trustee duties to ensure estate planning needs and obligations are dutifully met by acting on your behalf
  • Practice dignity, resourcefulness and confidentiality at all opportunities on your behalf
Julie Sugita, DDS MS CLPF    California Licensed  Fiduciary      PO Box 1268   Alpine CA   91903     j.sugita5@gmail.com    619.980.6416
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